Arrrr . . . there be pirates about!

The little boy and I spent last week at a local Boy Scout Day Camp. It was his first experience with spending a week doing activities. It was my first time playing chaperone to 15 little guys. I didn’t really know what to expect and was sort of apprehensive, but my wife assured me that it would be worth it. I have to say that she was right.

The theme of the camp this year was Pirates. This meant that besides some of the traditional activities that you would associate with a Boy Scout camp/outing, there were pirate-specific activities. I have pictures in my Private gallery for family. But to give you an idea of what went on, here are some details:

  • Swashbuckling – using padded swords, the boys parried with each other and with the Scout leader. The son thought this was great fun and was quite good at it. Must be all that experience with a light saber.
  • Plank Walking – Planks of all sizes were strewn in an area and the guys playing different forms of line tag. The guys voted this as one of the most fun activities.
  • River Crossing – using teamwork, the boys had to get from one end of the course to the other using “stepping stones” that wobbled about quite a bit. Challenging since it was raining.
  • Cannons – Using PVC pipes put together in cannon form and using air pressure, shoot a roll of toilet paper wrapped in duct tape. These things were rated at 250 psi, but we only pumped them up to 60 psi, but boy did that roll fly! There was even a ship to shoot at – very cool.
  • Crafts – The guys created all sorts of pirate items – flags, maps and a treasure chest. The ultimate was when they were branded – well anyway their leather wrist bands were branded.

The other activities were your standard Boy Scout activities – archery, BB guns, fishing, fire making, obstacle course, nature hike, etc. Oh, and there was a day at the beach too.

The camp ended up with a barbeque dinner (probably the only thing that they could have done better – not much “kid fare”) and and a campfire and skits. The gals of the family joined us and we all had a good time.

I think the little boy is ready to do it again next year, but old dad has to rest up a bit longer.