Monthly Archive: March 2007

Mar 29

OK – getting there . . .

Well – I think I’ve got some of the issues I wanted to nail down figured out. I have the public images on line and I even updated the gallery with images from my trip out to San Diego in January. Headed out there for business, so most of the images are from the flights out and back – traveled over some very interesting country. I have a few images of the San Diego area and some of the people I hung out with and the events I attended while in town. One major point was that I was able to bat in a big league stadium. I took the plate at Petco park and swung away. I sucked but what an experience!

Also I updated the Private image gallery with some pictures the family might find interesting.

Have fun!

Mar 12

New stuff

New site is online but there are some things that aren’t quite up to par. Hoping to get to those in the next few days and tighten everything up. Also I want to get my images up to date.