75 Years of beer

75 years of beer Yes, it’s been 75 years since Prohibition was ended and beer flowed legally once again. To commemorate this event, check out www.75YearsofBeer.org. Events are scheduled across the country – there might even be some that are close to you.

In related information, there have been some interesting articles about breweries in the Midwest. One of the articles is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, titled “Back-roads breweries” It’s an interesting read about some of the smaller breweries that can be found in Wisconsin. The other article is titled “Draft Picks” and comes from Chicago Magazine. The author picks out six breweries from the IN-IL-WI area that offer not only great beers but also tours. besides some interesting information, the article also provides directions to these breweries.

Lastly, I found some information that has an interesting historical aspect for me. Pabst is bringing back the original recipe for Schlitz beer. The Chicago Sun-Times has more detail. This is interesting to me since my grandfather once worked for the Schlitz brewery in Milwaukee. I’ll have look for it in the store and try some out.