Monthly Archive: February 2009

Nice, sweet backup

I’ve been using Dropbox for about 2 weeks now and I love it. I am able to keep needed files in synch between my work laptop, my personal laptop and my home desktop. And I can do it for free! So, here’s how it works. Go to to create an account and to download …

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Chunky, plumpy family time

OK. The kids and I watched Madagascar 2 recently, and it was a relatively harmless movie.  It got a few laughs and chuckles from the crowd (all three of us) here.  Some of the loudest laughing came from scenes where Moto Moto was wooing Gloria the hippo.  For those of you who haven’t seen the …

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New Structure

OK – I think that’s over.  I’ve moved things around a little bit on the site.  All of the password protected images are now in the family area.  This will prevent the front page of this site from being a mess of password protected posts. I like being able to put images of the kids …

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Gonna Reconfigure

I’m gonna be reconfiguring this site soon. Some things are gonna change, some things are gonna stay the same. Laterness.