Monthly Archive: August 2009

One last fling

I woke up before anyone else and waited for a while before taking a shower and getting ready for the day.  As soon as I was done, I made sure my bags and everything were in order before I headed out the door as my sister and Rusty headed off to work.  I was lucky …

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Heading back to Anchorage

After the fun day in Denali, it was time to head back to Anchorage; I have only a couple days left with my sister in Alaska now.  Fittingly, the day started with drizzle and overcast clouds, the only bad day we’ve experienced during my trip.  None of us minded though since this was a down …

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Runnin’ wild!

After unofficially celebrating International Beer Day on Aug 5 with an Alaskan Summer Ale, we prepared for our adventure into Denali.  We were scheduled to leave the McKinley Chalet resort at 7:10 for a seven hour bus ride into the majestic park.  I was really looking forward to this since I was hoping to see …

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30% Club

I’m an official member of the 30% club – I just need my membership card and a ceremonial pin.  You’re probably scratching your head and wondering what I’m talking about.  Well, I saw Denali in all of its splendor as we were on the train north.  Since you’re likely to have only a 30% chance …

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