Celebrating with the Blackhawks

Today my son and I went into Chicago to celebrate the Chicago Blackhawk’s recent Stanley Cup win. We left home early and took the train into the city. On the train,we talked about where we wanted to locate ourselves along the route. Once on the ground, we hoofed it to where the rally was taking place. Even at that early hour, the rally point was getting packed, and my 11 year old son could not see very well.

We quickly readjusted our strategy and thought that it was most important to try and get a good viewing spot for the victory parade. Again,as we scouted locations, nothing looked too good for my son, so we crossed the street and lucked into a great location. We were fairly close to the street, and there was a metal barricade that my son could use to elevate himself. We were also very close to the speakers and the confetti cannons – not to mention we were in the shade, a big benefit. As we were waiting, we had some entertainment. Close by, a young woman was verbally scuffling with some other people. Soon enough, it turned physical and the police were there quickly and in force. The offender was quickly removed and peace resumed.

As the parade turned down Michigan Ave. my son was lucky enough to get to the curb and have a frontline view of the activities. The pictures below are from the Blackhawk victory parade. I’ll add videos tomorrow. Overall, despite the crowd, the heat, and the humidity, my son and I had a fun and memorable time.