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Alaska 2017

This past June, I visited my sister in Alaska. While I didn’t have a great deal of time in the Land of the Midnight Sun, I did have fun with my sister and seeing the sights. The gallery below shares some of the better images I took while visiting. In this gallery you will see: …

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Front Range Memories

The old adage says that you can’t go home again, and that’s true. No matter how short a time you’ve been away from a place you’ve considered home, it changes – the places, the people, the surroundings. However, you can go back to relive memories – past victories, past losses, past loves or simply past …

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Alaska trip 2015

Hiking Bear Butte

The first time I hiked up Bear Butte, I went up alone early in the morning. No one else was around as the wind whispered through the trees. The hike was more strenuous than I expected but nothing out of the ordinary. As I climbed, the sun broke through the high wispy clouds to pour …

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