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Front Range Memories

The old adage says that you can’t go home again, and that’s true. No matter how short a time you’ve been away from a place you’ve considered home, it changes – the places, the people, the surroundings. However, you can go back to relive memories – past victories, past losses, past loves or simply past …

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Traveling the trails of yesteryear

Scotts Bluff National Monument

Travel any highway or byway anyplace around the world and you’re provided necessary information by signs along the way – 110 miles to Denver or 75 km to Berlin for example. You take these markers for granted as they are part of the infrastructure helping you to get safely from one place to another. Not too long …

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Travel the Great Platte River Road

Bison statue at the Archway, Kearney, NE

Recently I took an epic road trip out west from Illinois. You zoom over the flat prairie of Illinois, cross the Father of Waters into the rolling countryside of Iowa and then hit the muddy Missouri River. After that, you begin the gradual climb across the Great Plains to the Rockies. Once you pass the Missouri …

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Alaska trip 2015