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The photo galleries listed here are available for public viewing. The images contained within these galleries are the sole property of F. J. Bering. If you would like to use one of the images contained within any of these galleries, please contact me. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Visit to Alaska 2009
    I took the time this August to go visit my sister in Anchorage to share some experiences with her.
  • After the snow and fog
    Had a snow storm the other weekend out this way. Lots of wet, heavy snow. Temperatures warmed up nicely the next day and by evening, it was really foggy. When the temperature dipped below freezing, a world of frost was born. The next morning after breakfast, I went for a drive. The photos here are just some of the exceptional things I saw.
  • Midwestern Clouds
    Not much, just a few clouds shots from out here in the Midwest. Sometimes the evenings are just beautiful. And when storms roll through there are some spectacular scenes!

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