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Alaska Images

For everyone’s edification and enjoyment, I’ve decided to create a series of photo repositories of some of my travels and interesting finds. These repositories are broken up loosely by subject matter. Since I have so many images to share, I’ll break these archives up into bite sized portions. This repository is devoted to images from my travels to Alaska.

This page contains links and information about some of the older images that I’m hosting on my site.

The photo galleries listed here are available for public viewing. The images contained within these galleries are my sole property. However, I’m not stingy or antisocial! If you would like to use one of the images contained within any of these galleries, please contact me. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Trip to Alaska #1
    Since my sister moved to Alaska, I’ve been up there several times. These images are from when I was lucky enough to go see my sister within a year after she moved to Anchorage. Of course, you can’t go up to Alaska to just visit, so I was able to do some sightseeing!
  • Family trip to Alaska – Trip 2
    Images from an outstanding trip to Alaska with the entire family!
  • Visit to Alaska #3
    I took made ANOTHER visit to see my sister who lives in Alaska.  Here are some images from that trip.
  • Alaska visit 4 – Epic trip that included a helicopter tour of Columbia Glacier
  • Alaska trip 5
    Visiting Alaska in June of 2017 includes highlights of whale watching in Resurrection Bay, Denali Park, flying in a float plane and glacier climbing