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For everyone’s edification and enjoyment, I’ve decided to create a series of photo repositories of some of my travels and interesting finds. These repositories are broken up loosely by subject matter. Since I have so many images to share, I’ll break these archives up into bite sized portions. This repository is devoted to images from my various travels.

This page contains links and information about some of the older images that I’m hosting on my site.

The photo galleries listed here are available for public viewing. The images contained within these galleries are my sole property. However, I’m not stingy or antisocial! If you would like to use one of the images contained within any of these galleries, please contact me. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Trip out West
    I took an eight day swing through Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado. It was great to be back out under that big blue sky! Can you tell these images are scanned from film?
  • Hiking Bear Butte
    Bear Butte is a spiritual place for many Northern Plains Native Americans.
  • New York City
    Went out to New York to attend the W3C International conference. During some off times and eveneings, I was able to get around a little bit. Here are some images from the city that never sleeps – literally!
  • Trip out to San Diego
    Images from a January trip out to San Diego for business purposes. Most of the images here are from the flights out and back. Not too many images from San Diego proper – just not enough time!
  • Virginia and Washington D C
    We decided to spend a few days and visit some friend who had moved out to Virginia. Some images of the sights and scenery that we experienced there. We also completed a whirlwind tour of Washington D C. I walked for miles! But we sure saw a lot.
  • Trip to Denver and the Great American Beer Festival
    Images from the “brother” trip out to Denver, CO. We headed out to Denver for an extended weekend to attend the Great American Beer Festival. You’ll find images of our trip out and back, sights around Denver and Colorado as well as images from the GABF itself.
  • Images from Las Vegas
    Vegas, baby! You know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Except these pictures.