Lake County Civil Wars Days

My son and I went to the Lake County Civil War days again this year.  We only came for the Big Battle on Sunday since we were also preparing for Cub Scout Day Camp the next week.  The weather was great and we had really good seats.

What was fun was that the re-enactment portrayed the Battle of Brandy Station.  I was able to walk this battlefield last August.  You can see my pictures of the actual battle site here.  This was the first time that I can remember that the Big Battle was fashioned after an actual battle.  Most of the times, the battle showed the was the armies fought and some of the tactics they used.  I thought this years battle was pretty interesting becuase I could put some frame of reference around it, but I’m not sure how others viewed it.  I know my son liked it because he got to see the reenactment and was able to see the cannons fire.  All in all, a good time was had by the two of us.

This is a great event put on by the Lake County IL Forest Preserve district.  If you’ve never been, you should go!  Also, a heaping big thanks to all of the reenactors who devote their time to protraying this important time in our country’s history.  Here is a list of the participating units:

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