Too much going on . . .

Just got back into Anchorage from a weekend in Homer, Alaska. While Homer’s a little town, it has some big activities. You can hike, kayak, flight-see and fish. After arriving in Homer, my sister, her boyfriend Rusty and I cruised the pier looking at all of the little shops and service huts along the way. As we finished out the day, we were wondering what we wanted to do on Sunday before we headed back to Anchorage. Well, we figured out that you only live once, so we decided to try our hands at halibut fishing.

On Sunday, we got up at 5 AM to get ready and to be at the dock for 5:45. We made it and were soon on Born Free, a fishing charter boat. Our day was just starting. After about a 90 minute run into the Cook Inlet, we were able to drop anchor and start to fish. Now wrangling a fishing pole with a three pound lead weight on the end might sound easy, but in practice it’s a different matter. We dropped our lines overboard and let them descend down to about 250 to 275 feet. We then waited for the nibbles. Soon, fish started appearing on board as one person after another started to reel them in. I caught 8 fish total, and kept three of them (we could keep six total since each angler could keep two). It was quite the experience and I’m having some of the catch shipped home.

Once finished fishing, we had lunch, saw a few more sights and then headed back to my sister’s place in Anchorage.

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