Images from Sydney

I recently took a business trip to Sydney – yeah, I know – poor me!  Anyway, on top of business I took a couple of days for myself as well.  Who knows when I will get back down that way?  I decided to extend my trip on the front end of the business portion, so I had one full weekday and the weekend to enjoy Sydney and the surroundings.  I packed quite a bit into that short amount of time.

  • I took a hop on, hop off excursion of Sydney
  • I climbed the Harbor Bridge
  • I took a day-long trip into the Blue Mountains
  • Shopped downtown Sydney for souvenirs
  • Took a ferry out to Manly and strolled on the beach

Even though it is winter time down there, the temperatures were in the 60s (F) but it was a little rainy.  Most of the Sydney residents I talked to apologized for it being so cold.  Man, they need to come to the Midwest!  The temperatures suited me just fine.

Hope I can go back at some point – and maybe take the family along as well!

Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Shay

    First off – LUCKY!  Second, glad you enjoyed yourself.  You were wise to take a few more days to explore the area.  Some of your pictures look like postcards!  So pretty.  I also liked the whale artwork.  Where was that at?  Last, but not least, I love all the animals.  What surprised me was how taken I was with the colorful and gigantic birds there.  Very cool. Thanks for sharing all these great pictures of your adventures.  Where to next? 

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