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Flying in a B-24

This page contains short videos that I took while I was flying aboard Witchcraft – the Collings Foundation’s B-24 WWII bomber.  This is the only flying B-24 in the world.  This airframe/aircraft saw service with the RAF (Royal Air Force) in Burma and China during WWII. It was saved from the salvage heap when an individual purchased it from the Indian government and brought it back to the States for restoration. Who knows how long this proud bird will fly – each year it becomes more difficult to find spare parts to keep the plane airworthy.

Collings Foundation’s P-51 Mustang “Betty Jane” starts up, idles, and then taxis to hanger somewhere at the airport


Collings Foundation’s B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine O Nine” starting up and readying for flight. The Nine O Nine had a full flight of passengers.


Engines warming up on Witchcraft

Engine testing and throttling before Witchcraft hits the runway


Witchcraft taxis out toward the runway. The bomb bays doors are open during taxi. You can see the narrow metal walkway that has to be used to cross the bomb bay.


Witchcraft about to receive clearance to take the runway




Witchcraft in flight over Lake Michigan near Chicago


Views from the tail gunner’s position on Witchcraft


Witchcraft in flight – heading back to Chicago Executive


Views from the nose gunner’s position on Witchcraft


Witchcraft taxiing in after flying over Lake Michigan and Chicago


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